June 2021

It is with regret that the management team of SOLID have decided they have no option but to cancel this the 2021 event. We know this will be disappointing to our partners and children/young people who were looking forward to taking part this year and we can only say that we as a team are just as disappointed ourselves.

Why is SOLID not happening?

Every year, we have a minimum number of participants we need to break even and with only a few weeks to go we are more than 50% below this figure. We significantly reduced the ‘break even’ figure this year knowing that some groups may not be able to attend, but we are still far behind where we need to be to make the event viable. Given the stress that COVID19 has put on the finances of the organising partners, they do not have the capacity to absorb a likely loss of over £15,000 on the event. In addition, while we were hopeful that the planned ‘freedom day’ on 21st June might have encouraged more people to book in, now that has been cancelled we do not see a realistic prospect of the last minute rush of bookings that we had previously been hoping for.

We have already booked - what happens to our money?

Everything you have paid will be fully refunded. Red Balloon Foundation who you will have been in touch with about your booking will let you know when you can expect a card refund or will contact you about getting BACS details to transfer the money back directly into your account.


What about 2022?

One thing that not running SOLID in 2021 is allowing us to do is enter a period of prayerful reflection and consultation about what SOLID in the future might look like. It would really help us if you could take a few minutes to complete this survey and let us know what you would be looking for from a future weekend festival event and also if you could join us for a Zoom consultation on 19th July at 7pm for an hour to pray with us and share your thoughts (you can sign up to take part and receive the Zoom link by completing the survey).

We hope to be able to update everyone on plans for 2022 by September.


What else can we do on 3rd July 2021 with our children and young people?

Red Balloon Foundation, one of the SOLID organising partners, were going to be bringing a large group to SOLID themselves from their children’s and youth groups and have decided to run an adventure day at Stubbers on 3rd July. This is not in any way a replacement for SOLID and will be a different kind of experience more focussed on having fun at Stubbers before a BBQ and short prize giving, prayer and Bible input at the end of the day. RBF would be very happy to talk to any groups who would like to join them on the 3rd and take part in the day which will be open to 5-17 year olds at a cost of £45 per head (plus leaders/parents who will cost £5 per head). If you would like to find out what RBF’s day will look like you can visit www.rbf.org.uk/dauntless and if you want to sign your group up you should contact holiday@rbf.org.uk . If you have already paid for SOLID, RBF may be able to simply transfer your payment from SOLID to RBF to save you having to be refunded and then paying again.


With thanks for all your support and prayers over this and past years and trusting in God for the right way ahead,

The SOLID Management Team

Dear Friends...