When it comes to sleeping at SOLID, you have two options...


1. Bunkhouses
They're sheltered and effortless, and only an additional £4 per person. Using Bunkhouses also gives you priority access to the kitchen facilities. See more information here.


2. Bring your own tents, caravan, camper-van etc.

You can bring your own camping equipment for no additional cost at all!


Please note, the access point to the camping field is not designed for large vehicles, so if you are planning on bringing a caravan/camper van you must contact so we can ensure you’ll fit through the gate!


You will need to bring sleeping bags, pillows and something to sleep on (roll mats or similar are recommended). On departure, your camping area must be left clean and clear of rubbish. A charge will be made if your area is not left in a satisfactory state.


There are no electrical hook up points on site for caravans, etc.,, so leaders are advised to bring a battery-charger for their own phones. Young people are advised to take a weekend off their phones and enjoy what’s going on. We know there aren’t many young people who’ll follow that advice, but we like to suggest it anyway... 


2-4tH JULY 2021






Campers can obviously bring their own equipment but please note that open fires are NOT permitted. 


Food Outlets.

A variety of fast-food style outlets as well the SOLID Cafe will be available on site. We’d recommend you use these as ‘top-ups’ to the food you are providing on your campsite, or possibly as a special treat for your group on one lunchtime/evening.


Bunkhouse Cooking Areas

The bunkhouse sleeping areas also include a communal cooking/seating area which is primarily for the use of people staying in that bunkhouse area but is open to the entire campsite. Please respect the fact that many groups will be sharing this facility and therefore spend as little time in it as possible; it is for eating and consuming meals rather than a 'staff room' or 'common room' for any particular group.



We are encouraging all groups to ask their young people to bring along a picnic to share together on the Friday evening. Hopefully that should help leaders who are busy putting up tents!

LEADERS' guide


Our Leaders Guide to the 2020 Festival will be published in late May and will contain all the info you need in one place....but below is our top advice to make SOLID Festival as smooth as possible:

Don’t leave your booking until the last minute - give your group a deadline to return their money. Due to demand we may not be able to accept bookings made after the 'Last Minute' period expires.



• Access to the camp site is only available from 5pm on Friday.

• Pitch your tent so you can see all the others in your group.


Plan Ahead - we will be making more and more information available about the program on this site as the festival approaches. Have a good look through so you can be talking to your young people about what they can expect and what your expectations are of them in advance.


Meet with Parents/Carers - its a great idea to hold pre-SOLID parents/carers evening so they are all aware of what’s happening and your expectations for the group. 


If you want a quiet night - make sure your group knows your expectations! It’s your responsibility to ensure they are in their tents and are quiet at night. Don’t expect the Stewards to keep groups quiet - they are there for your safety, NOT your sleep! Work with the other group leaders around you to ensure everyone gets some sleep. 



Weekenders: Friday 5pm-7pm*

Friday Evening Visitors: Friday from 6:30pm

Saturday Day Visitors: Saturday from 8:30am

Sunday Day Visitors: Sunday from 8:30am

Please respect the one way system and follow the instructions of stewards at all times. Any cars being brought on to site for SOLID need to display either a Long or Short stay parking permit or Drop Off Only notice in the windscreen before arrival – these will have been sent to you along with the this pack to print out. This will allow stewards to direct you appropriately Please note that short stay car parking is limited so any cars staying from Friday to Sunday should be accordingly parked in the Long Stay area; please do not take up a Short Stay space ‘just in case’.

When you first arrive on site you must follow the Stewards’ instructions to park your car. The group leader must head directly to Information to register as you arrive; please only send one leader per group into the tent itself to minimise queues. Once you hand over two paper copies of the SOLID registration form for every under 18 in your group, you will then receive your event pack which will contain:

  • Wristbands for each person in your group. These are your ticket into the venues; they must be put on straight away and worn at all times for security reasons. There will be various different colour wristbands which will indicate height for the benefit of the Stubbers staff running the adventure activities and whether you are a day/weekend visitor. Please make sure that each member of your group is wearing the right colour (so work out before you come who is above 128cm and who is below);

  • A map of the site;

  • A final timetable of weekend events;

  • Any other last-minute information we need to tell you

THEN, if you are…

You will be directed to the Stewarding team in the camping area. Please note that the one way system means cars cannot stop on the road to make drop offs, so you must park and walk your equipment over to the camp site. There will be a quad bike & trailer available at the Shuttle Point from the Long Stay parking to the campsite if you have heavy gear to transport. 


Please remember the camping area is limited and be considerate towards other groups as you position your tents! See the Camping section for further details.

Please leave your car in the Long Stay car park – you will not be able to move it any nearer the bunkhouses for unloading.  Information will let you know which bunkhouses you are allocated to. Please keep note of who is staying in which bunkhouse in your group, in case of emergencies. Please also note that you may be sharing a bunkhouse with people from another youth group so prepare your young people to make friends!




SOLID Management are keen that SOLID is a safe environment for all those concerned. Group/youth leaders are responsible for the actions of their young people at all times.

We ask all those that attend to follow these guidelines:


     •  Young people should respect the opposite sex by keeping only to their  
         own accommodation.

     •  All campers should remain silent and in their own tents overnight
        between 12midnight and 6am. Group Leaders are responsible for                 
     ensuring their group’s compliance.

     •  No alcohol or illegal drug should be consumed at, or brought to, SOLID.

     •  No one should enter any unauthorised area (clearly marked).

     •  No one should touch or interfere with any equipment owned by
        Stubbers, SOLID or those working on behalf of SOLID.

     •  If the weather is very hot we suggest that young people wear light
        clothes, bring a hat or cap of some description and sun block or cream.

SOLID Management retains the right to insist on the removal from SOLID of any person acting in an unreasonable way which puts them, others, or the reputation of SOLID at risk.

fire Regulations



Lots of tents and gas stoves are a great fire hazard so we’d like you to keep to these guidelines:


  • Open fires are NOT allowed; gas BBQ's can be used in the camping area. Disposables may only be used in the designated space near the toilet block.

  • Smoking is not permitted on site.

  • Tents and caravans must be at least 1m apart (2m if you are cooking).

  • Please be careful when using gas stoves.

  • Generators are not allowed on site.

  • Stewards are charged with the responsibility to keep all gangways and fire exits clear in venues and on site, their instructions must be adhered to.

If the weather is very hot we suggest that young people wear light clothes, bring a hat or cap of some description and sun block or cream.

SOLID Management retains the right to insist on the removal from SOLID of any person acting in an unreasonable way which puts them, others, or the reputation of SOLID at risk.

Stubbers' Site Rules



Site Rules respect the rights of all staff and visitors at Stubbers and exist to ensure that everyone enjoys their visit.


     • Keep off activity apparatus other than when under the direct supervision of Stubbers instructors.

     • Group leaders are responsible for the supervision and safety of their young people whilst at
       Stubbers, especially after dark.

     • Keep off the boat jetties and landing stages. Be very careful around the banks of the lakes.

     • No swimming or paddling other than when in a session supervised by Stubbers Staff.

     • Put all litter in the bins provided.

     • Valuables are left in your tent / bunkhouse at your own risk.

     • Do not enter someone else’s tent or bunkhouse.

     • Do not leave your tent or bunkhouse after midnight except to use the toilets.

     • Smoking is not permitted on site.

     • Alcohol is not permitted on site.

     • Illegal drugs and substances are not permitted on site.

     • Footwear must be worn at all times.

     • Respect the privacy of others – keep away from other tents and bunkhouses.

     • There is to be no loud talking or music after midnight.

     • No dogs are permitted on site.

     • Fishing is not permitted.

Group Leaders are responsible for:


1. Ensuring that the Stubbers site rules are adhered to.

2. Supervision of their group at all times, including meal times.

3. The conduct of all members of their group whilst on site.




Should you wish to promote the festival to your church/group, please feel free to download and use the following materials. If you need any other designs/formats than those given here, just drop us a line at

Download SOLID publicity (pdf)

Download SOLID Promo Video




What does the price include?

The price includes access to the SOLID campsite (or bunkhouses if this option is selected) and access to the activities advertised on the programme for the day(s) booked for both children and their adult leaders. SOLID is based at Stubbers Adventure Centre in Upminster, Essex. Accommodation and catering arrangements are entirely the responsibility of the adult leaders who are supervising the various groups but Scripture Union requires that all tents/bunkhouses are single sex occupancy. There is a single price for both children and their adult leaders to keep the overall cost of the festival as affordable as possible.


What about travel?

The cost of travel to the festival venue is not included in the fee. Adult leaders associated with each group attending are responsible for arranging all travel to/from Stubbers Adventure Centre.


Who will be running the festival?

The festival is run by experienced adult team, some of whom are full-time Scripture Union workers or workers attached to our partner organisations, some of whom are volunteers. Specific supervision for individual groups is entirely the responsibility of the adult leaders attached to each group and Scripture Union requires that each group provides adult leaders at least at a 1:8 ratio, with a minimum of two adults accompanying each group.


What about safety?

The issue of safety is taken seriously throughout the festival. All activities carry an inherent risk and this is minimised to an appropriate level by taking all reasonable steps. All outdoor pursuit activities are carried out under qualified supervision. This supervision will be carried out by staff from Stubbers Activity and Adventure Centre. All recommended safety equipment is always worn, buoyancy aids for water activities and helmets for climbing, cycling or karting. Equipment is checked and maintained to a high standard. For water-based outdoor activity festivals participants must be confident in water when wearing a buoyancy aid.


Scripture Union has a Safeguarding Policy ( and all festival leaders and team members are subject to this. All adult team members are subject to an Enhanced Disclosure issued by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Details can be obtained from the Scripture Union National Office.


Money matters

Full payment for your group is due within 10 days of placing your booking if you have requested to pay by BACS or cheque. Payment by card/PayPal is due at the point of booking.

Bookings not paid within 10 working days will be cancelled and a £10 administration charge will be applied.


Cheques should be made payable to “The Red Balloon Family Foundation” and posted to:



Lower Ground Floor

Loughton Baptist Church

92 High Road


IG10 4QU


BACS transfers should be sent to:


Sort Code:                   60-01-73

Acc Number:               00215739


If your church is bringing a large group or otherwise requires the facility to pay in instalments, please contact before making your booking on the website so we can put the appropriate arrangements in place. Please note that instalment payment plans will not be carried over beyond booking deadlines (e.g., Earlybird places must all be paid in full before the Earlybird deadline) and to secure discounted places, all monies must be received in full before the booking period finishes otherwise places will be charged at the higher rate or cancelled with a £10 administration fee applied.


What if I cancel?

If you wish to cancel or amend your booking you should contact as soon as possible. Our cancellation/amendments policy is as follows:


  • Super Early Bird Tickets are non-refundable. For all other types of booking:

  • Notification received 56 or more before the festival – 100% refund less £10 administration charge.

  • Notification received 28-56 days (inclusive) before the festival – 50% refund less £10 administration charge.

  • Notification received less than 28 days before the festival – No refund available


What if the festival is cancelled?

In the unlikely festival of a festival having to be cancelled, Scripture Union undertakes to refund fees already paid by participants. We have also arranged for the security of your money paid in the unlikely event of our insolvency.


What if a member of my group is unwell?

In the event of a child being unwell at the start of the festival, we adhere to current NHS guidelines for school attendance, which can be found here Children with diarrhoea and/or vomiting must not be sent to the festival until at least 48 hours after their symptoms have gone.  If a child has a raised temperature, they too must not be sent until their symptoms have gone.  We regret that we cannot offer a refund if a child is unable to attend due to ill health – please see section below relating to insurance.


What about insurance?

Scripture Union is fully covered for public liability. Festival participants are not, however, insured against personal accident or injury as a result of an accident or loss of possessions. We therefore suggest those who feel that additional insurance is necessary should make their own arrangements.


Additional needs

Whilst recognising that all children are special, some may have needs which require extra support. It is Scripture Union's aim to include such children on our festivals and holidays within the guidelines of suitable provision and staffing, but this is primarily the responsibility of the adult leaders who bring them to SOLID. If you are bringing any children who have a particular additional need or disability where you would like us to support you in catering for please contact as soon as possible so we can attempt to accommodate you. Please be aware that the main activity of SOLID takes place in a field and access may be challenging for those with mobility difficulties. We must also be advised prior to booking (or, if the issue occurs after booking has been made, as soon as possible) if a child currently has or has recently experienced any behavioural or social problems which may affect their own safety and / or the well-being of others on the festival so an appropriate risk assessment can be carried out where necessary.



We encourage adult leaders to ensure that all children make the best of being at SOLID by attending all of the main gathered sessions at Jump In and Expect. Please note that children are the responsibility of their supervising adults at all times so if they opt out of a gathered session or activity they are still the responsibility of their adult leaders, not the SOLID team.


Leaving festival site

At no point are children allowed to leave the festival site during the period of the festival unless accompanied by the adult leaders associated with their group.


Mobile phones

Whether or not to allow children to bring mobile phones or other electronic equipment on to the site is entirely at the discretion of the adult leaders associated with the group. Scripture Union cannot accept any liability for the loss of or damage to expensive equipment.


Mobile phones and other equipment can be charged for a fee of £1 at the Festival Information Centre but are left at the owner’s risk.



Children may be photographed/videoed at the festival. The images will only be used by SU or organisations in sympathy with SU to which express permission may be granted. We cannot take responsibility for any photographs/video clips that are put onto social networking sites by guests at the festival. Scripture Union may use photographs / video clips to promote its festivals or other activities on such sites. Official event photographers will be identified by a blue hi-vis jacket and children whose image should not be shared should where possible make themselves known to them and on arrival at SOLID we can arrange for leaders to meet with photographers to help facilitate this but can never guarantee any child or young person will not appear in wide-angle shots. Please contact if this is of concern to you.


Data protection

Scripture Union will hold your details on file but will not release the information to any third party. Some details may be shared with the team as required for the safe running of the festival.


Scripture Union will hold your details securely.  Red Balloon Foundation and Stubbers Activity and Adventure Centre will have access to your details for the duration of the festival and a short period afterwards, at the end of which, these copies will be destroyed. 


Any comments?

We welcome your comments in order to continue to improve our service. If there is a problem with the festival please contact us immediately and we will do our utmost to find a satisfactory solution, directing your input to in the first instance. We would also like to hear from you with your positive comments and ideas for development and to that end will circulate a post-festival survey the week after SOLID takes place.


Scripture Union reserves the right to:

  • refuse any application,

  • alter or cancel a festival where necessary,

  • ask a young person or group to leave the festival if their behaviour is incompatible with the general enjoyment and well-being of others, in which case the adult leaders of that group will be informed and collection arrangements must be made at their own expense and no refund will be given.

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