All we need to know from you is how many places you are booking and a rough idea of how the ages of the children and young people you are bringing along will break down... And that's it! We know that groups change and people drop in/drop out leading up to big trips, so we aren't going to ask for details on who you are bringing until you arrive

So... Here's how to book in three easy steps...

1. Complete the Online Form to secure and pay for your places.

2. Download the paper permission form here then print a copy for everyone from your group who is coming along. For each paper form, PHOTOCOPY IT TWICE. You keep the originals, then when you sign in at Registration on arrival, you hand us the two copies (one for SOLID, one for Stubbers, just in case anything happens while your group members aren't under your direct supervision because they are taking part in the on site activities). Please note we will not allow any under 18 on to the site without two copies of their completed registration form in hand.

3. Email as soon as possible (but no later than two weeks before the festival) with any particular special requirements your group may have so we can do everything we can to accommodate you. Does anyone in your group have a sensory or mobility impairment that could make getting around the site or engaging in any of the activities difficult? A food allergy so severe we need to be careful who they share a bunkhouse with? An additional need that means they might struggle with certain activities...? Let us know so we can help!